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Annual Maintenance Contract are available.  We offer same day Onsite Support.  24 hour Online, and Phone Support.  All Annual Maintenance Contracts include same day Onsite, 24 Online, and Phone Support.

Store Management Consulting
One of our Knowledgeable Store Management Professionals will share and develop ideas on how to steam line all of your enterprises operations under one Store Management System.
Free Service


Scale Calibration Service
Recalibration of Scales to meet California Weight and Measures Standards.
$20.00 Per Scale

Epson Printer Maintenance

Hardware Refurbishing - Flat Rate -
Cleaning, All Ware and Tare parts will be replaced.
$500.00 Per Unit

Hardware Check Up and Cleaning
Unit inspection and Cleaning.
$50.00 Per Unit

Replacement Ware and Tare Kits




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